Customs Regulations

Posted on 19-Feb-2022

Used household goods and personal effects may normally be imported duty free into Austria within one year of the arrival of the consignee. Motor cars may be imported duty free from outside the EU provided they have owned and used by the importer overseas for a minimum of 6 months prior to his arrival. Austria customs require the following documents to bring in Household effects to Austria. Photocopy of passport showing signature and personal details Entry certificate from the Police Station of municipal office concerned. Exit certificate or certificate of stay abroad for at least 12 months (confirmation from the local authority of the previous residence, confirmation by firm or other official proof). Inventory of Household effects Diplomatic removals Diplomatic shipments that arrive Austria Customs require Declaration from the Embassy which must be attested by the Foreign Office and a detailed packing list. New furniture domestic appliances, gifts, souvenirs New furniture and other domestic appliances that reach Austria Customs needs to produce an Invoice for goods in duplicate, and a certificate of circulation of goods and import permit where applicable. Austria Customs require An Invoice for goods in duplicate (if applicable, expert appraisal) Objects of art, Antiques etc. Cars, Motorcycles, Motor scooters, mopeds The procedure for Vehicle importation to Autria is the same as Household Effects, but in addition you may have to produce vehicle papers (type certificate, log book), Purchase invoice etc. List of Prohibited Articles Drugs are prohibitted and there are restrictions on the importation of firearms. You may contact your moving company at your origin or select any International moving company from the list provided on under Austria who will be able to give you more accurate and current information.