Customs Regulations

Posted on 31-Mar-2022


Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

Copy of passport (picture and signature page)

Packing list

Delivery order from shipping line (sea freight)

Civil ID copy for consignee

Temporary import license

‘Itimad towkia’ copy from local sponsor company

Work permit copy/ “Izanamal” (in Arabic)

Valid Kuwaiti residence copy (stamped in passport)

Company authorization letter from employer confirming employment (2 copies)

Original bill of lading/ express release / seaway bill / air waybill (AWB)

Temporary work entry visa / NOC copy (duly stamped by Kuwait Immigration upon arrival to Kuwait) (air freight)

 Specific Information

Consignee’s presence is mandatory during inbound shipments.

The Kuwaiti residence copy must be a minimum of 12 months validity.

Temporary import license may only be obtained after the following documents from above are available at destination at least 5 days prior to arrival of the shipment in Kuwait:

Delivery order from shipping line

Packing list

Company authorization letter (2 copies)

‘Itimad towkia’ copy from local sponsor company

Passport copy

Work permit copy

Valid Kuwaiti residence copy

Civil ID copy

Diplomats are permitted duty-free entry.

There is a 5% Customs duty applicable on all non-diplomatic sea imports.

Kuwaiti Customs will determine further charges depending on weight, volume, and type of HHG shipment.

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

Certificate of title / manufacturer certificate (issued from vehicle manufacturer office)

Original commercial invoice

Certificate of origin (new vehicles)

NOC certificate issued from origin traffic department

Vehicle GSO certificate (should provide from vehicle manufactures office - new vehicles)

Certificate of import

Proof of ownership

Original bill of lading

Mechanical certificate from origin stamped by the Public Port Authority in Kuwait

 Specific Information


Customs duties are charged at a rate of 5% on the value of the vehicle as estimated by Kuwait Customs in addition to bank charges.

Motor vehicles older than 5 years cannot be imported.

Only Kuwait nationals are allowed to import vehicles for personal use in their name.

A resident / expatriate is not allowed to import vehicles in their name.

If a temporary import license is required by customs for auto import than a consignee must obtain it directly from the Ministry of Commerce in Kuwait. 


Documents Required

Vaccination record

Veterinary health certificate

 Specific Information

Only certain animal species may be imported (cats, dogs, birds, etc.); contact the destination agent for specific information.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

Books, audio/video tapes, and music may be imported but are subject to censorship.

Items manufactured by companies on the Israeli Boycott list will be confiscated.

The inclusion of medicine and drugs for medicinal purposes will invariably cause delays in clearance.

A special release order from the Ministry of Health is required.

Computer modems are subject to registration and an initial fee levied by the Ministry of Communication of approximately $400 USD and a renewable fee of $400 USD per year; this is not a Customs requirement but a requirement of the Ministry of Communication and is administered by the Department of Customs.

Do not include new electronic items in shipments.

Prohibited Items

Alcohol (including but not restricted to liquors, wine and beer) as well as alcohol producing kits/machinery

Pork products

“Walkie-Talkie” type radios

Narcotics, drugs, stimulants

Pornographic books, magazines and other media

Weapons, including antique weapons, firearms and ammunition

All materials and products connected with or manufactured by Israel

Statues, art work and literature defined as offensive to Islamic teachings and principles

Consignment Instructions

Recommended:  Contact the destination agent to ensure all requirements have been met prior to import, especially for differences regarding air / sea shipments.