Customs Regulations

Posted on 30-Mar-2022

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

Copy of passport

Original bill of lading (OBL) / telex release / air waybill (AWB)

Detailed inventory

Oman residence visa stamp (on the passport)

 Specific Information

Do not include alcohol in the shipment.

Used household goods are duty-free if owned for a minimum of 6 months; Customs allows multiple entries regardless of air, sea road shipments.

New items are subject to a 5% customs duty.

The approximate time frames for Customs clearance are as follows:

Sea; full container loads (FCL)              5 – 7 business days

Sea; less-than-container loads (LCL)     7 – 9 business days

Air shipments                                       2 – 3 business days

The approximate time frames for customs clearance during Ramadan are as follows:

Sea; full container loads  (FCL)             8 – 9 business days

Sea; less than container loads  (LCL)    9 – 10 business days

Air shipments                                       3 – 4 working days

All wood crates must be heat treated with clear visible ISPM marking.

Oman has now introduced an e-service called Bayan.

All owners of the goods need to register their names in Customs and get a unique ID that will be used by the clearance company to college DO and clear the effects.

Destination agents can provide elaborate details.

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

Original bill of lading

Statistical report, if applicable

Proof of Insurance

Specific Information

While importing a new or used motor vehicle, motorcycle, trailer, the owner of the goods must ensure the vehicle meets local standards, be left-hand drive, and not older than 7 years of date from manufacture.

All vehicles are subject to a minimum 5% customs duty.

The owner of the goods must obtain insurance at least 24 hours prior to vehicle arrival in Muscat.

These documents will be filed with Customs by the destination agent.

Once clearance is complete, Customs will issue a green form the owner of the goods will need to submit it with the Royal Oman Police for the registration of the vehicle.

Destination agents generally will not be involved with the vehicle’s registration process but can assist if needed at a fee.

For imports from a GCC country, vehicles are allowed duty-free entry if the vehicle is registered in the country of origin and is not older than 2 years prior to import and was noit improted there under any duty free scheme.

A statistical report from Customs from the country of origin must show that duty has been paid at this country of export.

The original statistical report must be filed with Customs in Oman.

Permission is not required by the Ministry of Commerce for vehicle imports from GCC countries.


Documents Required


Vaccination record

Veterinary health certificate

Import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Animal Health

 Specific Information

The import permit is online and must be submitted with a copy of the pet's rabies vaccination record and health certificate.

Vaccination against rabies is required no less than one month and no more than six months before the travel date.

Restricted/Dutiable Items

DVDs, videos and CDs are subject to release after censorship clearance from the Ministry of Heritage and Culture; it takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the release and additional charges may apply.

Prohibited Items

Alcoholic beverages

Firearms and ammunitions

Swords or spears

Animal hides, skins, and ivory products

Drugs (medicine or prescription drugs are allowed in reasonable quantities and are subject to inspection / analysis)

Political or religious literature or statues that might be deemed offensive to the Omani government or the Islamic faith

Pornographic books, magazines, and films