Customs Regulations

Posted on 29-Mar-2022

Customs Procedure:
a) Inspection: 
UAE customs require all household goods to be inspected therefore customers/ consignee's presence 
is required during customs examination. 
b) Prohibited items: 
The importation of Alcohol, Drugs, Pornographic material, Arms, Ammunition, Dangerous Objects, 
items made of Ivory and products of Israeli origin is prohibited. Certain commercial goods require an 
import license/ government approval. 
The importation of video/audio tapes, CD's, computer software, books and magazines is permitted, 
however these items must be produced to customs at the time of inspection. These items are sent to 
the Ministry of Information for censorship. Items cleared by the Ministry as being acceptable will be 
returned to the consignee after 2-3 weeks. Items banned will be destroyed or re-export to the country 
of origin at the consignee's expense. 
Customs Duty:
There is no customs duty on used household goods. Both new and used motor vehicles/ boats incur 
customs duty of 5 % on value assessed by customs. 
Commercial goods imported on a temporary basis for an exhibition or trade show incur a duty deposit 
at current duty rates. The deposit can be reclaimed upon re-export provided time limits set by the 
Department of Ports and Customs are adhered to. 
Documentation for used Household goods:
a) Two original (1st & 2nd) copy of Bill of Lading C\O LEADER FREIGHT FORWARDERS. 
b) Passport copy with visa page or passport copy with UAE entry stamp & letter from UAE employers. 
c) Packing List 
d) Contact address / Tel.No. of customer. 
e) Motor Vehicle: Vehicle clearance certificate at origin & copy of last registration with complete details 
of car. 
Regulations governing import of Pets:
The requirement for import of animal is that we will have to obtain approval (import permit) prior to 
arrival of pet at the airport. The approval is taken based on Inoculation certificate/ vaccination 
certificate which will have to be obtained by the customer in country of origin from a govt. hospital. In 
case this certificate is obtained from a private hospital then attestation of this certificate from relevant 
govt. authorities in country of origin will be required.