Customs Regulations

Posted on 23-Feb-2022

Import Regulations for Used Household Goods

All used personal and household goods and electrical appliances, which are more than six (6) months old, are allowed to import Duty-Free for expatriates intending to work in Malaysia and returning Malaysian citizen.

Documentary evidence such as invoices, sales receipts, or insurance papers may be required for items less than six (6) months old.

Owner must be in Malaysia to sign documents if necessary. Photocopy with latest entry stamp required for customs clearance. Work permit / visa not required. All household goods and personal effects are subject to 100% customs examination at port of entry. Duties/taxes will be levied on new items less than 6 months old.

Documents required

1. Copy of passport.
2. Packing list.
3. BL / AWB Consigning the goods to the customer.
4. Client’s contact details
5. Authorization Letter to the destination agent to clear the goods on customer’s behalf.


Work Permit / Employment Pass holders:
? The picture and particulars page of passport.
? The passport page with the most recent Entry stamp into Malaysia.
? A copy of the Employment Pass/Work Permit.

If the Work Permit has not been approved,
? The picture and particulars page of the passport.
? The passport page with the most recent Entry stamp into Malaysia
? The letter from the company verifying the employment status in Malaysia and that the visa application is being processed.

Returning Malaysian Citizen

Clients who has been out of the country for a continuous period over 12 months
? The picture and particulars page of passport.
? A copy of work visa or student visa from Origin country of the shipment

Diplomatic Shipments
Diplomatic shipment needs to be approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which may take 2 to 3 weeks. Original shipping documents are to be submitted by the shipper's Embassy with his/her Diplomatic ID CARD (issued upon arrival).

Prohibited Items
The following are prohibited articles:
• Firearms/Dangerous Weapons/ Imitation Firearms (mandatory death sentence for illegal possession)
• Antique Goods (requires import permit from the National Museum. This must be applied for by the owner prior to importation)
• Swords (require import permit which must be applied for by the owner personally)
• Obscene and pornographic materials
• Narcotics (mandatory death sentence if convicted)
• Toys resembling firearms
• Fireworks
• Pirated CDs, VCDs and DVDs are not allowed

Motor Vehicles
• All motor vehicles (new or used) are subject to Customs duties, are highly taxed and require an Import Permit (AP)
• The AP must be granted before the vehicle is shipped
• Shipper or owner of motor vehicle are advised to apply the AP prior to importing and application can only be done by its owner from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
• Import duty is high from 100% to 300% depending on capacity of car.
• Motor vehicles over five years old are prohibited

• Imports of pets are allowed and require an Import Permit (prior to the animal's arrival)
• Information breed, age, color, name of pet and owner and flight details are require for Import Permit application.
• However, please note that certain breeds are not allowed for dogs and birds. Please confirm before shipment.
• Health Certificate (issued within seven days of flight, and must state that animal comes from a rabies free area)
• Vaccination Certificate required (must show proof that vaccination was administered between 30 to 180 days prior to the flight)
• One-month quarantine (minimum one week advance notice required for kennel/ quarantine space) After a minimal period or quarantine, animal may be released to spend the remainder of the quarantine time at home in quarantine.

Peninsula Malaysia
All ISO containers are acceptable via Port Klang for Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya/Shah Alam and via Penang Island/ Butterworth/ Kedah. Consignment to Penang/ Butterworth/ Kedah must be sent to POE Penang with all documents to us. And Shipment to (East Malaysia) Kuching /Kota Kinabalu/ Miri must be shipped to these ports of entry, with all documents sent to us.

Doorway Requirements
? To enter the country you must have a valid passport.
? Citizens of the United States do not need visas for tourism and business visits, and upon entry are granted a Social/Business Visit Pass good for up to 3 months. Citizens o