Customs Regulations

Posted on 21-Feb-2022

PROHIBITED AND RESTRICTED GOODS Drugs, narcotics, ivory and hides of protected species. Arms and ammunition require a special permit. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR HOUSEHOLD GOODS • A detailed and valued (in €’s) inventory, dated and signed on each page (copy attached for completion) indicating the used value of your goods. • Proof of residence in France (for example an electricity bill or telephone bill) • Non resale certificate (Certificat de non cession) • Copy of passport • An attestation of transfer from the company stating that the shipper has been living more than one year abroad (an original will be needed if the container is routed to the port of Fos-Marseille) or a certificate of change of residence that could be obtained from the French Consulate of the origin country. Household goods may be imported duty free provided that: • They have been in the owners use and possession for more than 6 months abroad and are for continued use by the owner. For an EC country there is no time limitation. • Any subsequent consignment has to be reported and listed at the time of the first import. • Importation has to take place within one year after residence transfer. • Duty free importation for person taking up a secondary residence is subject to a special authorization granted by the French Customs. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR VEHICLES • Change of residence certificate delivered by French Consulate in origin country • Original registration card • Purchasing invoice of the vehicle Vehicles may be imported duty free provided that: • Owner has been living abroad for more than one year. • The vehicle has been owned for more than 6 months. • It is normally registered. • It is not a commercial vehicle. NOTE: If a vehicle is imported, it must be mentioned on the inventory, even if it is not accompanying the household goods. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR SECONDARY RESIDENCE • Authorization certificate from Regional Customs Directorate of the secondary residence Area, upon request in triplicate with detailed and valued inventory • Document in evidence of ownership or renting evidence of the normal residence abroad • In all special cases please call if unsure SPECIAL CASES INHERITANCE Declaration from Notary with inventory of goods, date of death, degree of kinship and French residence permit. The goods must be shipped within one year from date of death. STUDENTS Official attestation of attendance at school or university. The scholar's goods must be shipped within one month from date of registration at school or university. WEDDING PRESENTS Marriage certificate and French residence permit. The goods must be shipped within one month from date of marriage. SECONDARY RESIDENCE Preliminary official authorisation from French Regional Head customs Office. PETS Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies at least one month and no more than one year prior to importation and a valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian of the country of departure should accompany the animal. A health certificate (in French), executed not more than five days prior to departure by the national licensed veterinarian of the country of export, must also accompany the pet together with a current medical and inoculation history. DOCUMENTS NEEDFULS FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN FRANCE To clear your shipment through Customs, we absolutely need to receive the relevant documents prior to the arrival of the vessel : 1) THE ORIGINAL B/L 2) THE PACKING LIST FROM YOUR SERVICES 3) A FRENCH FRANCS VALUATED INVENTORY LIST SIGNED BY CLIENT 4) AN ORIGINAL CHANGE OF RESIDENCE CERTIFICATE - This document has to be got from the French Consulate in the origin country - Your client must have been living in the same origin country for more than one year - Your client must leave definitively the origin country to have his main residence in France. - The dates of your client’s arrival in the origin country and the ones of his departure must be clearly shown on the certificate. 5) DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR CARS All the above documents listed in n° 1) n° 2) n° 3) and n° 4) plus : A - The original title of property B - The original invoice of purchase C - An attestation saying that the car has been fully paid and is not for resale