Posted on 09-Dec-2022

Nestling at the foothills of the Sierra de la Pila nature reserve in the picturesque La Zarza valley is the beginnings of a new housing development offering the opportunity to purchase quality detached properties at very affordable prices.
Posted Date: Monday, March 13, 2006 6:09:02 AM 
For many years now, Spain has been one of the most popular places for those wanting to start a new life in a foreign country. By far one of the most popular reasons was that home owners could sell their existing property in their home country and purchase a property in Spain at a very good price - thus leaving a large amount of capital that could either be invested or help serve as income through the forthcoming years.
However, these plans for many people are becoming just a distant dream as property owners and developers alike are hiking up their prices. The days when one could hope to purchase a reasonable, ready to live in property for 50,000€ - 70,000€ are fast disappearing (although some programmes shown in the UK still depict that this is possible, what some viewers fail to realise is that these programme are often several years old!). For example, over the last few years land prices have risen in the Murcia region from an average 4€-6€ m2 (this does of course depend on type of land and location) to a variety of prices charged. Some owners still charge a reasonable 9€ - 12€ m2, whilst some demand an incredible 60€ m2 – and lots more! The same is true for property – some owners are asking phenomenal amounts of money for dilapidated, crumbling old farmhouses that need total renovation. 
This trend is having a detrimental effect. Some property owners and developers are “outpricing” themselves thus making their land and property difficult to sell – and prospective buyers unable to afford to make the purchase they once dreamed of. Thus there is a huge gap developing in the housing market – which is growing month by month. As established estate agents in the Murcia region of Spain, we have seen this progression first hand over the past few years. (This is not to say that a bargain cannot still be had. There are still many plots of land and properties available at good prices but these are more difficult to find).
Just recently we met with developers who have recognised this gap in the property market and who are responding to this crisis by bringing to the market good quality housing at affordable prices, thus providing people with the opportunity to once again be able to purchase their dream home in Spain! 
The developers have invested in a phenomenal 1.7 million m2 of land (virtually a whole valley!) which sits nestled at the foothills of the Sierra de la Pila nature reserve, close to the town of Jumilla in the beautiful valley of La Zarza, Murcia. The nature reserve covers many, many acres and is a popular attraction for walkers and those who appreciate the flora and fauna of nature. There is an abundance of flowers and wildlife to explore and this beautiful area has become home to a variety of species of birds. Many also explore the tracks by horseback or mountain bikes. The air here is very clean and fresh and is a welcome escape from the hot summer sun.
Many picnic areas are scattered throughout the park with stone barbeques and seating areas of tables and benches made from locally mined stone. In a summer time, these are popular places for families to gather to cook their meals and enjoy their food and drinks beneath the trees and moonlit skies.
Home owners on the new development will hardly notice where the natural landscape ends and their home begins. Only 22% of the 1.7 million metres of land will be built upon.  Properties will have panaromic views to the mountains and national park and there will be beautiful landscaped gardens and community pools. 
All properties will be detached and start at only *109,000€ for a two bedroom detached bungalow (yes, that´s right – only 109,000€ - that´s approximately £74,000!!!). There are 4 styles to choose from. The Alana and Shania start from 109,000€ and the models Becky and Franchesca start from only *112,000€. For a small additional cost, each 4 villas can have their own shared pool. The most expensive properties start from only *148,000€ (approximately £1100,000!!!) for a detached 3 bedroom property. There are also plans for an 80 bedroom assisted living hotel for those who need that little bit of extra help.
All properties will be fully alarmed through to a 24 hour reception with bi-lingual staff (no extra monthly charges). Each alarm will have an emergency call button in case of illness or if an ambulance is