Posted on 23-Feb-2022

As much as we love our pets, we need to understand that they aren’t always comfortable with change. Pets like familiarity; they like being around people they know and they are comfortable with routines involving when they are fed, when they need their exercise and so forth. This makes moving with a pet a challenge. You need to transition your pet into a new home with care. There are plenty of great steps you can use to help your pet feel more comfortable with the moving process.

1. Get in Touch with a Vet:  First, you have to call your local vet in your old area and get an appointment as soon as possible. You may get a referral for a new vet in your new location. More importantly, your vet can provide your pet with the vaccinations and other treatments it needs before the move starts. This is to keep your pet from being at risk of becoming ill while traveling.

2. Get Your Pet Used To a Carrier: You will more than likely need to get a carrier that you can transport your pet in. You must find a carrier that your pet can easily move around in while also allowing your pet to become used to it. Let your pet walk in and out of the carrier if possible. Encourage your pet to sleep in it too.

3. Prepare Enough Food and Water: You should try and keep your pet’s feeding and watering schedule as consistent as possible. You can always get enough food and water out to your pet at the right times while also using as many familiar serving dishes as possible. If traveling by air-conditioned car, make sure you stop at certain times to feed your pet. If someone else like a pet travel carrier is taking care of your pet, make sure that carrier is aware of the schedule you want that party to follow for your pet.

4. Allow for Exercise: Take some time out during the move to give your pet some exercise at the right times of the day. You can certainly find pet exercise areas at assorted rest stops and travel centers all around the highway.

5. Allow Your Pet to Explore the Home: As you get to your new home, make sure you give your pet enough time to explore your home. Let your pet go around your home and see what rooms are in your home. Make sure you monitor your pet as it goes around the home though.

Also, don’t let your pet outside just yet. Let your pet look outside the windows and keep your pet on a secure leash for a few weeks to let it know what the parameters of your new home are.

It’s a challenge to move but it can be harder for a pet to handle. Make sure you use these tips to allow your pet enough time to go around.