Posted on 23-Feb-2022

As convenient as many great moving containers like trucks and portable storage trailers can be, you need to be cautious when getting your items into one of these things. There are many good steps that must be followed so you will not only pack right but also keep your items from being harmed. 1. Get Enough Supplies First, you have to gather plenty of loading supplies to ensure that you can actually load up your container in a sensible manner. You have to get enough pads to protect large and fragile items, particularly massive pieces of furniture that you can’t store in boxes. You must also get some loading straps ready. These can be secured to the inside parts of your moving container. These will place your items in a secure spot where they will not move around and bump into other items while you are moving. Don’t forget to also look for dollies or hand carts. These can be added as supplies to help you carry and move heavier boxes that you cannot lift on your own. 2. Load Heavy and Large Items First Always add the heaviest and largest items to your moving container first. It is easier to pack when these are on the bottom as they will not weigh down anything in your container. You can always add wrapping materials and pads around these spots so they will be fully protected before you load anything else into your container. 3. Watch for How You Position Your Boxes You must be observant of how heavy the items in your container are. Some items might be more concentrated than others. These should be loaded carefully around the larger items that you have already protected. They can create a small bit of stability in your container as they will not be likely to move around. 4. Keep Light Boxes on Top and Secured with Straps Lighter boxes are clearly going to go on top of everything else. You must use plenty of loading straps for these boxes as well. This is to keep them from flying around while the container is in transit. The lightest boxes in your space are always going to be at an increased risk of moving around because they are often fragile and have hardly any bulk in them. 5. Keep it Even The last tip is to make sure everything you load is organized as evenly as possible. All your items must be loaded evenly to ensure that nothing will slip and slide around the place and that the container won’t be at risk of toppling. Make sure you use these tips when getting your moving containers ready. Be careful with them and your items will be protected.