Posted on 21-Feb-2022

Albania is a country situated in the south-east of the Europe on the Adriatic coast. On the basis of its economy, it is an upper-middle class country. Albanian economy is on the high rise since 2014, this was a result of the export momentum that increased up to 300% as compared to the statistics of 2008. The economy that is mainly grounded on land farming, oil, petroleum extraction, mining, textile industry and chemicals, provides a vast variety of opportunities to the people who are moving to Albania. Albania has a population of over 3 million and it is one of the least populous countries of the world. It is known as a country from where people move to other countries, but with the present situation the future of Albania seems very bright in terms of people moving to it. By law, every Albanian has an access to the health facilities, which is financially funded by the Albanian government. As the economy is in developing phase the health care provided by the government is not really up to the mark, however, private health insurance is available for those who can afford. There are many opportunities for multi-national companies to start their setup in Albania and excel, as after the collapse of communism in the country the state has reformed the rules of ownership. Because the economy of the country largely depends on agriculture, opening the agricultural lands for private possession helped the country to attract more and more immigrants. As the number of people moving to Albania is rising, many international movers are playing their part in making things easier for them