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The success of Singapore as a country and economy is no secret and it holds a strong status as one of the most lucrative destinations for expats. With so much to offer its residents and a system that works in favor of its residents, any expat looking for work in Singapore should give it their best shot. Of course, there are also some key elements about Singapore that you should be aware of before you move there. This guide will help you prepare for a new chapter of your life, be it to study in Singapore or find work as an expat.

Life in Singapore

Finding work in Singapore is highly valued among expats and the country was rated as the best place for expats in 2018 by HSBC. The country has some of the strongest growth indicators, including a high GDP, great social support, a robust healthcare system, and a high rating on the happiness index as well. Although a small country, Singapore is home to a melting pot of cultures with expats living here from all over the world. The country also has a great education system and the lifestyle here is also highly developed. However, all those amenities come with a price, meaning that it is an expensive country to live in. It can be even tougher if you are planning to come here for studies.

Work in Singapore

There are plenty of job opportunities that you can find when moving to Singapore, but you need to be highly qualified to find a lucrative position. It is best to look for a job that offers a relocation package as well so that you can cut down your moving expenses which are generally high. As an expat looking for safe living conditions, Singapore offers a lot of safety and has a low crime rate. Regardless of all the amenities, be sure to create a budget for all your expenses by properly researching every area to make sure that the job you are being offered can accommodate your lifestyle and needs.

Study in Singapore

A student visa is required for anyone looking to study in Singapore. The ideal scenario for an international student would be to secure a scholarship at the university they want to study in. This will bring down living costs significantly and would make it more affordable. Students can expect to spend about SGD 10,000 a year on living expenses. There is also the option of working alongside your education but there is a 16 hour per week limit during terms.

Language and Culture

Being a cultural hub, Singapore offers four official languages which include English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. However, you will certainly get to hear a lot more languages while living there due to the high influx of expats and students worldwide. Families moving to Singapore can also expect to have a great experience, thanks to the country’s keen focus on education and support for married expats. The wide range of cultures coming together also makes it an exciting place to explore socially.