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Eastern Seatrans International Mover & Forwarding Company

Contact Person : Mr.East JIANG
Address : Room 0217,building 3,Beijing xiangsu,No.2 street
wuliqiao,chaoyang district ,Beijing
City : Beijing
State :
Country : China
Postcode : 100024
Telephone : 51662310
Fax : 57571788
Website :
Email :
RC Number :
Licence No 1 :
Licence No 2 :
Services Offered :

Origin Packing service

International door to door move

Domestic Door to door Move

Door to port Move

Custom Clearance


Office Move

Car/Auto Move

Pet Move

Other Services

Associations :


Other Membership

Company Details : Eastern Seatrans International Mover & Forwarding Company, as one of the major professional movers who provide full logistic services for Personal Effects and commercial goods from and to China,we offer high level and customized services according to every client different demand. We have established good partnership customs, ports, fleet,airlines,trucking companys,insurance companys, large logistic center for many years, with our reliable partners and agencies throughout the world,we spread our excellent servics from China to the other areas of the world. Not only we have the professional knowledge and rich experience of personal effects shipments, but also we are more capable of handing normal cargo; we not only provide customers with international logistics services, while also providing domestic logistics services, from exports to imports, from packaging to warehousing, from the sea freight to the air cargo, from the railway freight to the domestic shipping,from transport one carton to transport large bulk goods and then charter flights and vessel charter, we offer our customers a package of logistics solution services covering normal logistic business which can meet a variety of logistics request from our customers.

China Movers directory lists International Moving companies in China freight forwarders and shipping companies that handle personal effects and household goods effects in and out of China. has been providing this directory service to moving customers , corporate decision makers on employee Move and Moving companies around the world who are not able to find a reliable moving company in some corner of the world. Whether you are looking for a Moving company in an African country or countries like India, China, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Which are the most demanding because of the number of expatriates pouring in from USA, UK, Germany, France and Netherlands as corporates keep trasffering their employees. Whether you are moving in to China or moving from China to another country is your right partner. provide a detailed information that comes in handy for International Moving like Customs regulation in various countries, which very often is a myth to Moving customers and Movers for certain countries; Why and how about Moving Insurance and much more.