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Moving to London? A Location Guide

  • Posted on 12-Apr-2016 07:44:18

    You finally made up your mind about moving house to London, but you are still uncertain as to where exactly to go. After all, it is quite the big space and you have quite a lot of options there. So where to direct your London man and van? Well, here is a list of the top 5 locations you can go and what to expect there. There are places you’ll like, there are places you won’t, but of course, wherever you take your man with van London will be able to surprise you. Here is how: South London London has been revitalising a lot of its areas and South London has been getting the best of it. If you take your London man with van here, you will be able to find a lot of places to settle in. There are many new flats for newcomers and the prices are more than acceptable. You get good pubs, markets and restaurants, and you also get ethnical variety, with South Africans, Kiwis, and Aussies roaming the streets. Go to Clapham, Wandsworth, or Brixton, and you will find a lot of things that will be to your liking. North London You would think that the most expensive area in London would be the least populated. But you would be wrong. This is where the social live thrives. Navigate the man and van London service to this area and mingle with the established trendy population of the capital. You get the metropolitan areas as well as the richer suburbs. Of course, there are also the calmer suburbs that allow the social life only if you wish it, such as Notting Hill. The lifestyle choices vary from street to street and you get to pick for yourself. West London Victorian and Elizabethan feel, classical structures, traditional architectures. This is where you get to see London as it has been and as it wants to be remembered. Ceremonialism an renaissance feeling, it’s all here. If you want inexpensive housing, go to Ear’s Court. Fulham offers excellent sights and places to visit. Hammersmith and Acton will definitely find you something to do. And Bayswater is where all the young professionals mingle. East London If you prefer the unrulier lifestyle and the opportunity to always have something going on outside, then you want to take your man and van London service to East London. This has the perfect mixture of bohemian and banker feel, where you will find all nuances of lifestyle to take your pick from. Housing here goes to the extremities – it’s either very expensive, or quite affordable. South East London More affordable than the eastern part, more classical than the southern, south-east London is very well connected to all the neighbouring parts, as well as central London, and you will be able to find good offers on housing with the opportunity to easily commute to any place outside the area. Greenwich is an excellent example of an area that knows how to both provide and entertain people. Make your pick and start making preparations with your removal company. It’s time to become a Londoner and you need to get the best options befitting your lifestyle. See them all and call the movers to start it off.