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Moverworldwide international movers directory Celebrates 10th Anniversary

  • Posted on 20-Mar-2016 00:00:00 Offering a 11% Discount for a three year Subscription fee for the next One month on the occasion of 10th Anniversary.

    MoverWorldWide, the New Delhi based operator of the international removal and relocation focused website is now offering a 11% discount on its $299, five-year subscription plan for the next 30 days.

    MoverWorldWide acts as an intermediary between the removal and relocation partners that are subscribed to the site, and customers who are looking for removal services. This is a full international service offering, suitable for use by both general consumers, and commercial customers for domestic and international moves.


    For the next 30 days, the company is offering a 11% discount on its five-year subscription package for removal firms. This means that new trading partners who sign up at the website will be able to gain access to all of the benefits of a Three-year subscription for just $266 instead of the normal $299 price.

    Subscribed removal and relocation firms are included in the MoverWorldWide searchable directory of moving companies. And will be matched with movers who use the website to plan their impending move.

    Speaking out about the newly relaunched service, Tom, General Manager for MoverWorldWide, has said that, “We have just completed the relaunch of our main directory service, and want to begin attracting more trading partners. We came up with the idea for the 11% for 30 days discount, to tie in closely with our relaunch and 10th Anniversary. We believe that we already offer outstanding value to removal firms, and this additional discount will reduce the cost of a Three-year subscription even further.”

    MoverWorldWide is committed to providing its trading partners with the best service in the international removals and relocation market. No other site of its type has so many active searches performed per day and the google page Rank. This means that removal firms gain the greatest level of exposure, and longest reach when they sign up with MoverWolrdWide.

    About MoverWorldWide

    Established in 2005, MoverWorldWide is now one of the largest maintained directories of its type in the world, with over 4,500 individual moving companies list. The company aims to help movers connect with the perfect removal companies to meet their needs. This results a smooth end-to-end moving experience with less stress.