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House and Office Clearance Services

  • Posted on 12-Jan-2011 04:55:06

    Using a professional house clearance or office clearance company takes all the hassle of clearing a property or business premises.

    In terms of business use, the minimisation of disruption is paramount.

    As with many professional services such as office and house clearances, the company has years of experience and can carry out the service in a quick and efficient manner. Other services that a house clearance company normally provide are transportation, removals, waste disposal, probate valuation and antique and collectables valuations.

    Each house or office clearance job is different and is required for different reasons so it is important to use a well established office clearance company that can take care of all the matters concerning the clearance from valuations to the recycling of waste.
    Many people are very aware of the need to reduce waste and preserve resources. When using a house or office clearance company, responsibility of both the client and service provider to be committed to recycling and re-using the items that are cleared. You should check the environmental policy of the company you are using and ensure all possible steps are taken to recycle or send items to be re-used.

    The transportation of waste from house and office clearance sites to responsible recycling facilities should be carried out. Items that can be re-used or re-sold can be taken to a wide range of businesses and charities to sell as second hand goods. This means items are being re-used so benefiting the environment but also money made from sales benefits charities.
    Another service associated with house clearances is probate valuation. Probate is often a distressing and difficult process and a house clearance company can work closely with solicitors and private clients providing probate valuation services. Services provided include written probate valuations, insurance valuation and the advice on selling antiques, collectables and art etc. From then the same house clearance company can clear the property leaving it clean and tidy ready for sale or transfer.