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Mismatch furniture

  • Posted on 12-Jan-2011 05:04:29

    When considering a re-style for a room in your house sometimes the size and where the items will be placed are considered the most important factors, when in fact the one that is to have the biggest impact is whether the furnishings you have purchased for the room actually match.

    If they do not, not only could they cause the room to look messy and in some cases old fashioned but you will find your home is a lot more welcoming and homely if it has a sort of theme or decorative atmosphere like the owners take good care of it.

    To begin to make your room feel like it has a coherent design you will firstly need to come to a decision on the colours that will be themed throughout it. Solid colours are the most popular choice for a modern property so red and blue or darker shades such as brown and beige will complement each other brilliantly.

    Next is to buy the furniture and items that will also fit in with the chosen theme and will compliment the colours selected. If you find that a few furnishings do not fit in perfectly with the same colour scheme or clash with the solid colours you have chosen why not choose furniture that has a paler colour or one which will go with any colour. You can then use smaller items such as throws, cushions, handles etc to fit in with your original theme.

    Limiting the unnecessary items or clutter in the room can immediately open up space, make everything look tidier and most importantly allow the theme in the room to be seen and appreciated. The theme needs to be seen.

    It may take some time to have everything in the perfect place to allow the colours and items to really compliment each other so try to take opinions from house guests or leave the room for the evening and come back to look in the morning with fresh eyes and new ideas.

    If it is guests you are trying to impress and your budget is limited to a small amount, there are plenty of things to resolve your problem. One is to use the furniture you already have and decorate or change it in some way to fit in with the themes of the room. This can be done with added material, paint, or even smaller items placed on top such as lamps etc to give the item a whole new look.


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