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A good guide to moving home

  • Posted on 12-Jan-2011 07:21:11

    Moving home - use a removals company or do it yourself?

    Most people dont look forward to moving home. Its stressful, hard work and can be expensive, so many of us try to cut corners by doing at least some of the moving ourselves. But in the long run, does this help or hinder the process of moving home? What are the real benefits of using professionals to help?

    Removal companies can pack up your house for you!

    This alone is probably a good enough reason to use a removals company. The arduous process of finding boxes, protective wrapping, figuring out what goes where and all the packing and disarray, is kept to a minimum as the professionals take over and do all this for you. Whats more, they can unpack and reassemble beds and other furniture for you at the other end if you need them to, completing a smooth and stress-free transition from old home to new home.

    Removal companies can do all the heavy lifting and move outsize and specialist objects

    Moving home is a physical challenge as well as a mental one. Using a removals firm means no lifting of bulky boxes, so no risk of damage to you or your property. Home removal professionals are also skilled at relocating specialist and particularly large or awkward objects, such as pianos and oversize furniture that cant be disassembled.

    Professional home removal firms can help with storage solutions

    Based on what you need to store, you can obtain and compare quotes to find storage in a convenient location to your new home and at a competitive price.

    Home removal firms can arrange parking and any related permits or authorization

    Which means one less thing to worry about. They can take responsibility for getting your belongings from one location to the next, without you needing to think about directions or unfamiliar routes. Plus it means you dont have to negotiate a van or truck you are not used to driving which is likely to be a lot bigger than your normal mode of transport! This leaves you free to deal with kids, pets or just yourselves!

    Its not as expensive as you think

    You can obtain a range of quotes from specialist moving companies to ensure you get a good deal based on your removal requirements. If you were doing it all yourself the costs of packaging and van hire soon add up, not to mention the other -costs in terms of time off work, mental anxiety and physical exhaustion! Leaving it to the experts means you can enjoy your new home quickly and easily with far less stress. Worth every penny!


    The author is a specialist in removal companies, Home Information Packs and house conveyancing