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Home Removals - step by step guide to moving home

  • Posted on 12-Jan-2011 06:46:43

    Although moving home can be stressful, its also exciting! To ensure you stay positive about all the associated upheaval read through this handy checklist for pain free home removals.

    Make a list!

    It sounds obvious but taking the time to prepare before you pack up anything will really help to ensure your home removal runs smoothly. Think about each room and also what will go into each box. Use a system, however simple, to list items in rooms and then in boxes and number or code them for easy reference the other end. Consider putting a copy of the list as the last thing that goes in the box so as soon as you open it, you know whats in there.

    Prepare your packaging in advance

    Gone are the days when we could get all our boxes from supermarkets or large stores (theyre too good at recycling!) so think ahead to get a rough idea of how many boxes or crates you might need, as well as specialist packaging such as bubble wrap or soft material for fragile or oversize items. Home removal companies often have handy online tools to help you work out how many boxes you might need as well as being able to supply useful stuff like tape, string, marker pens and so on. This will also help you pack in advance rather than thinking you can leave it to moving day - which always results in a lot of additional stress and often tears!


    Clearly labelling all your boxes and other containers will reduce headaches when it comes to unloading and unpacking the other end.

    It also helps home removal companies to know where things need to go and remember that they can also help with unpacking. Never underestimate how useful professional removal firms can be!

    Efficient packing

    There really is an art to packing a box effectively. Books, DVDs and other such objects are easy enough but dont forget how heavy they can become. Even the strongest removals man might struggle with an entire set of encyclopedias in one box however satistfying it feels to fill it! Similarly, dont underfill your boxes. Remember that as you are labelling box number 123, youre totting up the number you have to unpack and that somebody has to move! Fine if you have a couple of weeks of work, not so good otherwise.

    Wrap breakable stuff carefully and consider strong sacks for soft squidgy stuff that doesnt need to be so protected.

    Soft furnishings

    Be careful with these - anything with soft edges or light coloured material can get easily damaged when it is moved or packed in against other not so soft things. Consider covering with throws or similar to ensure they are protected.


    The author is a specialist in House Moving and house survey