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  • Posted on 22-Oct-2006 18:27:19

    A Singapore based international movers directory has achieved an industry wide recognition and appraisal from moving companies across the glob, which reflected in it's increasing number of moving company registration. appeared on the worldwide web very recently, but has been well received by moving companies, corporate customers and individual moving families around the world for it's services that are incomparable. As a result international moving companies around the world throng on to the site to get their free registration.

    "I have visited many directories and moving company association lists, but no where I could get as much information about a moving company as I could get from" commented a customer who goes on saying, "I had a very bitter experience with a moving company in USA once and now I do a thorough study before I make my decision to sign with a moving company".

    People depend on internet nowadays to find anything and moving companies are no exception. We find thousands of movers directory on the net. A search on Google for 'movers directory brings a result of 6,230,000 websites!!, and a search for 'moving company' brings a result of 199,000,000 websites!!! YES, a whoping 199 million websites. How many are genuine? No one knows; How to find a genuine moving company? explains.

    " is the result a moving experience that I can never forget in my life through a mover who was appointed by one of so called Moving company directory and a thorough market study to alert anyone who may make such mistake," Said it's owner Shiji Abraham. It took six months for me to come out with this idea and to collect information.

    "It's not just another moving company directory" Said Mr.Sabu of Theword Marketing consultants, promoter of "It has the complete information of moving companies listed on it available to everybody for free, and moving companies get the chance to register on it without paying a dime. Of course there are details available of movers on the lists of movers associations, but only each associations members are listed there and most of those associations are very regional except for a few. This makes a right choice for both customers and moving companies."

    "I thought moverworldwide should be a common place for the same category of people - moving companies and people on the move to have access to all related information like customs, regulations and experience sharing without any commitment and I believe I have succeeded in it, and I will keep moverworldwide available to everybody for free with updated information", says Shiji Abraham with confidence and satisfaction.

    For further information please contact:

    Shiji Abraham

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